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I love letters and words, especially when they are not only written beautifully, but when they are designed to emit emotions. Here are some of the most amazing Typography designs I have ever found.




Sara Nagy

For this assignment, we were asked to develop a strategy and concept/idea that would represent a product sell sheet utilizing a table.  We were to develop a marketing tool to support hypothetical sales efforts in an 8.5 x 11 format.  All elements were meant to compliment one another to show the combination of advertising and the use of a table to encapsulate additional important information to help sell the potential idea.  We were asked to include a logo, product name, catchy headline, intro paragraph, product pictures, a table, contact info and a call-to action.  Throughout my research, I found that beer was a fairly easy product to use.  I decided to feature a local brewery close to my home town.  They have a few products and a simplified business model.  images

I wanted to include information about their products while ensuring that the overall design would be aesthetically pleasing.  It…

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Crowd Source Marketing

WordServe Water Cooler

finger-769300_1280There’s an old adage in marketing that says in order to get a consumer to pull the trigger and buy something, they have to hear about the product three times. There was a time when the blueprint to accomplish that was pretty straightforward. Get reviews from newspapers or magazines and get interviewed on television or radio. Then, go make public appearances at bookstores or book fairs or local meetings, and don’t forget to keep writing.

None of those were easy to accomplish and they all took a lot of work to hit the magic three, but at least there was a path to follow that thousands of authors from decades past had taken with some success.

Times have changed. Not only have they changed, they keep changing at an ever-increasing pace.

The internet opened up the world and made it so much easier for authors to reach the public directly…

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